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Tohatsu Outboards in New Zealand

In  early 1960 Cory Wright & Salmon Ltd Wellington Hardware & Electrical Distributors introduced the Tohatsu Brand of Outboards to the New Zealand market and continued Distribution into the late 70,s at which time Bill Rutherford of Aotea Marketing Auckland purchased the Distribution rights for New Zealand. The business was on sold to large Retailer Boat City in 1987 and subsequently disposed of in 1989 to the present and current Distributors Diversified Products NZ Ltd in Wellington who continues as the Tohatsu Distributor today.  The brand Tohatsu has now been available to the public in New Zealand for over 50 years.

Performance and Design of New Outboard Engines Far and Away Exceed Expectations

The history of Tohatsu's engine production dates back to 1922 when the research and development of a small gasoline engine began, which was a first in Japan. Tohatsu engines have been installed in various products such as motorcycles, fishing boats, snow vehicles, fire pumps, and submersible pumps for worldwide markets. In 1956, Tohatsu produced the first outboard motor in Japan, the "OB-2", an air-cooled 1.5 horsepower machine. Since then, Tohatsu has steadily increased brand recognition through the development of original marine products such as two-stroke, four-stroke, and TLDI® outboard motors. With 50 years of trusted design and production technologies, Tohatsu strengthens their position as a "pioneer of outboard motors" by continuing to work toward the development of powerful, low emission engines. Tohatsu strongly believes that by offering reliable products that meet the gentle needs of the environment while also providing exceptional power and unmatched durability, we will continue to keep customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

Development and Production

In January 2005, Tohatsu opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the mountainous area of central Japan that boasts over 34,000m2 of space and has a production capacity of over 200,000 units per year. Tohatsu's new plant uses technologically advanced machinery that is fully automated to produce reliable outboards with award winning reputations.


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